Gemini Detectives

The Verity Long Series

Classic comedy whodunits.

Researcher and secretary to a famous crime writer, Verity Long loves men, mysteries, and Merlot in these light-hearted and fast paced stories.

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Ernie Rutland, dead and hanging from the organ in St Isidores's church, was not how Verity Long expected to meet the man her crime-writer boss sent her to find. Curious about the victim and determined to hunt down the killer, Verity becomes involved with a waspish group of thespians, and all the murky muck-raking of small-town gossip.

Verity's burgeoning romance with Detective Inspector Jerry Farish is threatened by the arrival of a ghost from her past, further complicating the search for the killer. With a spate of major burglaries and bank robberies keeping her detective busy and the killer closing in on her, Verity must decide whether to live up to her name - or to follow her heart.

Customer Reviews
“I enjoyed this very much, in fact it was one of those novels where I had to try and slow myself down reading it as I didn’t want it to end.”

“...I couldn’t put the book down...I love the characters and the twists and turns in the plot.”

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