Gemini Detectives

The Verity Long Series

Classic comedy whodunits.

Researcher and secretary to a famous crime writer, Verity Long loves men, mysteries, and Merlot in these light-hearted and fast paced stories.

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“Fancy a weekend in the country? I can offer you murder, mayhem, poison, and possibly a little sex.”
Clearly not an opportunity to be missed. So, when Verity Long's boss invites her to attend a crime writers' workshop, she looks forward to a relaxing stay at a country house hotel, doing nothing more challenging than exploring the Elizabethan manor and changing the slides of a PowerPoint presentation.
But the body in the library is no fiction. And there are plenty of clever writers around, all with motive, all capable of plotting the perfect murder. Soon Verity must call on all her sleuthing skills to solve the case before the police step in and arrest the wrong person.

A Novel Way to Die is a novella (approx 100 paperback pages) in the Verity Long series of funny whodunits.

Customer Reviews
“It’s refreshing to read a crime novel with no bad language, no gratuitous gore, and no explicit sex."

"I'm not usually into novellas, but this was an entertaining aside to the main books....May this series of books run and run, the authors skill with words makes these a huge pleasure to read."

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Also available : Organised Murder, Strictly Murder,
Scouting for Murder, Married to Murder and Long Drive to Death


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