Gemini Detectives


The Kel the Chamaeleon series
Fantasy adventure for older children and young adults

The Time Walker: number 3 in the Chamaeleon series

A boy spy on a deadly mission. A bully who has sworn to stop him.

Kel, a fourteen-year-old spy for the King of Crell, has one month to travel to Jerann and deliver a priceless ruby ring. Waylaid by the people of Anconnu and asked to choose the next Time Walker, he agrees, but discovers that someone in the country doesn't want him to succeed. Now he must enter the terrifying Time Vault and face a ruthless enemy or risk the loss of the Jewel of Jerann and the failure of his mission.

Read Chamaeleon: The Time Walker and join Kel on his most exciting mission yet.

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Also available : Chamaeleon : The Dragon Key
Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy


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