Gemini Detectives


The Kel the Chamaeleon series
Fantasy adventure for older children and young adults

Re-united with Heller, Kel and the princess travel to Lasheen for the coronation of the young Emperor, Sun Chi. When Sun asks for their help because someone is trying to kill him, they agree - even though Kel thinks the boy is imagining things.

Until Heller is kidnapped.

Now, Kel finds himself facing a deadly and devious adversary in a race against time to rescue Heller and ensure Sun Chi is crowned.

Customer Reviews:
" Kel's second adventure features some of the characters introduced in the first book as well as a host of new characters, and all are well-drawn and in keeping with the fast-moving story. Officially aimed at teens and young adults, this Old Adult enjoyed it enormously and will wait for the third instalment with impatience! A cracking good read!"

"Kel is developing in his new role... The idea on which the book is based is fascinating. Although the book is supposedly for older children, this book appeals to older people as well - well, this old fogey loved it."

Available only as an e-book from Amazon : click here to purchase.

Also available : Chamaeleon : The Secret Spy

and out now - Chamaeleon : The Time Walker



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