Gemini Detectives


The Lockington Legacy

Book 1 of my new series:
The Gemini Detectives

The newly opened Gemini Detective Agency's first case could not be more complicated. Twins Linzi and Loren Repton are hired to recover the Lockington Legacy, a priceless diamond necklace, but the owner refuses to report it stolen. And that is just the beginning of their problems. A suspect turns up dead, their client's daughter is in trouble, and there is something very mysterious about that bag lady and her missing dog.


The Lockington Legacy is Book 1 in The Gemini Detectives, a cosy mystery series by award-winning British author, Lynda Wilcox.

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The LockingtonLegacy is available now as an e-book on Amazon:
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Cover designed by Katie Stewart

Check out Katie's other designs at Magic Owl Design:



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